New Studio, Leaving Town

Author: matthew; Published: Nov 12, 2008; Category: Studio Maintenance; Tags: , ; No Comments

Today I went next door and pulled speaker cable for the mains in the new room. Ordering locking bayonet large-gauge connectors from PEI-genesis has been a long and mostly enjoyable process – they are cheerful and helpful people, and I am aware we’re just getting four pieces. I am looking forward to poking holes in each of our Ausberger-designed JBL speakers to accommodate the new gold interconnects. Hopefully they show up tomorrow.

The SM69 finally showed its true colors and the sides have become unmatched. It seems to be an even split between tube and interconnect issues. Should be fun sorting that one out.

Next week I’ll be in atlanta refurbishing the 4080 G+ SSL desk at Zac Recording’s Stonehenge Room. It warms my heart to work on the desk (and in the very room, even,) where ‘London Bridge‘ was tracked.

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Hacked by ghost-dz

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