New mains for a new room

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looking in the door of the new control room.

looking in the door of the new control room.

a hole for the connector.

a hole for the connector.

Today was a day of new mains for the new control room. I connector-ized the 10-gauge speaker cables I pulled through the studio conduit with the Amphenol connectors I got from PEI genesis. I poked holes in the speakers for the panel-mount connectors and got a brand-new 140-watt soldering iron that would handle heating such large wires and solder cups. New tools are so exciting. I don’t normally deal with wires this substantial and had to build a little jig to get them all in the same plane as the solder cups/pins without significant bends.

male connector

male panel-mount.


female from the amp.

The holes for mounting the panel-mounted male connectors are super small: you can see the #4 brass wood screws used to mount it in the photo at the left. I was worried the little screws wouldn’t be beefy enough to actually hold the connector, but once it was all assembled and mounted this solution seemed sufficient. (I have some 4-40 screws/lock washers/nuts just in case.) Luckily, this assembly will just sit there 99% of the time without much disconnecting/reconnecting. I do wish the mounting screws were black anodized, but since this whole thing will sit inside the wall I guess it’s no big deal.

New Studio, Leaving Town

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Today I went next door and pulled speaker cable for the mains in the new room. Ordering locking bayonet large-gauge connectors from PEI-genesis has been a long and mostly enjoyable process – they are cheerful and helpful people, and I am aware we’re just getting four pieces. I am looking forward to poking holes in each of our Ausberger-designed JBL speakers to accommodate the new gold interconnects. Hopefully they show up tomorrow.

The SM69 finally showed its true colors and the sides have become unmatched. It seems to be an even split between tube and interconnect issues. Should be fun sorting that one out.

Next week I’ll be in atlanta refurbishing the 4080 G+ SSL desk at Zac Recording’s Stonehenge Room. It warms my heart to work on the desk (and in the very room, even,) where ‘London Bridge‘ was tracked.