Neve 8068

Author: matthew; Published: Nov 6, 2008; Category: Neve Infirmities; Tags: , , , ; No Comments

Got a late start. listened to Tyler’s CD and Danny/Tyler’s attempt to pare it down to a tight 40 minutes in order to cut some audiophile-quality vinyl. Should be good.

Problem – Neve 8068 left front channel has drifted up a few dB and now is 1 or 2dB high relative to the right front when a signal is assigned down the middle. The rear left meter reads nothing and the rear right meter is always pegged in spite of the signals being more or less the same when a signal is applied equally to both.

Solution – Busted out the NTI meter and tweezed the appropriate routing modules. fixed errant rear VU meters with deoxit and a tweaker. There’s a washer sandwich that acts as a physical and electrical connection between the meter cards and the meters; it often gets dirty and turns into a spontaneous high-impedance connection. It seems to me that a connection should be either structural or electrical, not both. Dual connections like that are a frequent failure point in everything I work on. Once the meters were moving properly I adjusted all four channels so zero is zero is zero on the stereo buss, front and rear, the meters and the fishfinder.